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Kajulew Coin II 10x10.png

Kajulew Token for NFT experiment at OpenSea.

Kajulew Medal at OpenSea

Freezing Metadata at OpenSea

The NFT on Etherscan.io

Etherscan.io/nft/contract address / token ID

OpenSea uses Pinata to store metadata in the inter planetary file system, decentralized file storage. You get to this page by going to the Kajulew collection at OpenSea, and clicking on tokenID number, resulting in the following link>

Metadata entry Opensea/mypinata/cloud

the IPFS content referenced by metadata is accessed by using ipfs.io/(address given in metadata)

Kajulew Medal Metadata IPFS

Kaaj Akab Collection


Solar Eye NFT at OpenSea:

Solar Eye at OpenSea Freezing Solar Eye Metadata at OpenSea