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Maya Astronomy Text Book


The text book is used to support schools teaching ancient Maya culture. There is no other text book touching these topics, astronomy, mathematics, iconography, and it will be a very important contribution to promote the study of Maya culture in Guatemala.

The book is an introduction to Maya astronomy and culture, motivating equal access to science and technology in the country, filling an important gap in the national educational system, dealing with Maya culture only superficially.

The publication of the book is accompanied by an online platform to help teachers and students to understand the topics covered in the book, helping to diffuse in a more efficient way the knowledge.

Products and Services:

  1. Maya astronomy and mathematics text book
  2. Graphic design
  3. Audiovisuals for divulgation
  4. Online platform

Demand and Justification:

It is a Guatemalan state responsibility to promote the study, practice and diffusion of the Maya scientific knowledge, but there are no text books or educational materials to cover these topics. Even the universities are not producing research of courses in these topics, causing a big gap in the national educational system.

With the efforts to vindicate the Maya ancient knowledge, the increasing practice of Maya spirituality, the need to promote the equal access to science and technology, there is a rising demand to know the Maya scientific and cultural legacy.

A book with exercises and references to other educational materials will be a great contribution to diffuse the ancient Maya knowledge, and supports the practice of Maya time keepers and spiritual guides, showing the relationship of Maya cosmovision to astronomy.

Financial Request

Required Investment Ammount (Euros)
Book production 46,000
Graphic Design 40,000
Printing (5000 copies) 58,000
Online Platform 5,700
Advertising, divulgation. 4,000
Workshops (4) to introduce the online platform 3,000
Total 156,700 Euros

Diezfigurastablade eclipses.jpg

Current state of the project:

  1. Preliminary research done.
  2. Online educational videos published.

For a sample of completed works visit: (Spanish only)

Astronomía Maya en el códice de Dresden

La Tabla de Eclipses en El Códice de Dresden. Artículo Científico

Introduccion a las Tablas Astronomicas en el Codice Dresden

Intro astro youtube.jpeg