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This is a list of Maya Hackers projects waiting for the opportunity to sprout. The more evolved projects appear in Main Page Qanilheader.jpg

The Mirror of Winal


New Card Deck


Astronomy Related

Solar Eye

Astronomy in the Mayan Codices

Time and the Highland Maya

Mayan Astronomy and the IFPC

Tzib ancient Mayan writing System


Tzib Typography

Tzib in Tomb Stones

Family Glyph


Tziber Color

Shaman Fiction

Manga Maya

Tziber Nawal

Mayan Textile


Mayan Cassimir

Cultural Reforestation


Mayan Pom

Cultural Tourism

Food and Drinks

Wa Te

Vucub Caquix

Computer and Games

Pac Man

Calendar Fonts

Techno Political Stuff

Fashion in Mayan clothing

Engaging the Mayan economical elite in cultural politics