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Wise parents know to do their homework today in regards to home safety and protection throughout the school year, particularly when children are coming home to an empty house.

"With more kids to-day "home alone," there really are some golden rules parents must follow to make the home a safe and secure place," said Bob Stuber, nationally recommended security specialist, whose use kids and safety problems has landed him on numerous national TELEVISION shows, including "Oprah," "The View" and ABC"s "Prime-time."

Joe Stuber"s House Safety

And Safety Strategies For

After-School Security

· Motion Lights: Install motion sensors that trigger lighting for your storage, deck, walkway or back-yard. At certain times of the year, times are shorter and in some places it can be dark when children get home from school.

· Automatic Timer Lights and/or Remote-Controlled Lighting: Install intelligent light timers o-n bulbs in the house and set them to activate just before your child"s arrival. To compare additional info, please consider checking out: To get a high-tech twist: Chamberlain"s Remote Light Control can be developed to work with the garage door opener remote control and can trigger a light or appliance, such as a TV or radio, as your child approaches the house.

· Safe Escape: Designate a "safe place" within your home where your daughter or son can go in the event of bad weather or even a home break-in. This is often a cabinet, bathroom or every other place that"ll give protection from windows, trash or the view of individuals.

· Garage Door Monitor: A typical security violation is leaving the garage door open-a personal invitation to thieves, since many people do not lock the door between the garage and the house. Get further on this affiliated article - Visit this link: Discover extra info on this affiliated article directory by clicking Palmate Gardening Releases New Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Review. "Think of the garage door monitor as a baby monitor for your garage," said Stuber. Chamberlain"s Garage Door Monitor may be placed on a kitchen counter and will display a flashing red light when the garage door is open.

· Calling Parents After School: Teach your son or daughter to phone a parent or responsible person when he or she arrives home.

· Garage Door Opener Battery Backup System: Install a garage door opener with a battery backup system, including the appropriately mounted LiftMaster EverCharge Battery Backup, or Chamberlain"s Whisper Drive Plus, offered at home-improvement stores. Each provides power to the garage door opener, remote and keypad controls for up to two times within a power failure.

· Wireless Keypad Entry: Children could drop or drop things, such as for instance tips, anytime. A keyboard that performs the garage door opener eliminates the need for your child to hold keys.

Before the house is left by your family · Morning Lock Check: Every morning, most of the doors and windows should be checked to be sure they are closed and locked. It is quite typical for anyone to open a door or window and forget to close and secure it. This really is one of many first places a legal assessments to find yourself in a home.

· In Case of Emergency: Teach your son or daughter to call 91-1 first and the neighbors o-n both sides and even across the street next. The neighbors could answer in seconds, as the police or fire department is along the way..

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