Missing realtor Beverly Carter: Arrest warrant for suspect for the lam

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An arrest warrant may be issued for any suspect regarding missing real estate professional Beverly Carter. It is just not known how Aaron M. Lewis, 33, was from the disappearance of Carter, but he's wanted the kidnapping in the 49-year-old who went missing on Thursday after she went along to show a foreclosed you will find a potential buyer and never returned from that appointment, according to CNN News on Sept. 29.
According to "Fox and Friends" live, police thought that Lewis lured Carter to this vacant house underneath the ruse to be a prospective buyer, but wait, how he knew her or if she was only randomly chosen by the suspect is unknown. This bizarre case is every Pine Tree Estates Realtor's nightmare, meeting a mysterious prospective buyer in a vacant house while using possibility of things going very bad.
The son of Beverly Carter appeared on "Fox and Friends" live Monday morning Sept. 29 making a plea for his mother's safe return. Carl Carter Jr. asserted this man will not look familiar for the family. The family is wanting to figure out where this man probably have known their mother from.
Carl Carter Jr. also declared that text messages received from his mother's phone when she was initially reported missing were very bizarre for the family. At first family members was stuffed with joy thinking she was alive, but then the messages don't sound in any respect like something she would write. Carl Jr. said they would like to find this man 'who has had his mom.' He said to his mother if she was unintentionally listening she is his "first friend," his "rock" and that he and family members will find her. 'Be strong we will find you,' her son said in hopes that they was available listening.
Just hours prior to the arrest warrant for Lewis was issued he was in a motor vehicle accident and brought on the hospital with facial injuries. His car had hit a concrete barrier and that he told police that he was run off the road by another vehicle. Witnesses a different take for the accident because he was seen speeding with his fantastic car fishtailed prior to accident, in accordance with THV 11 Breaking News today.
He was given a citation for careless driving and failure to utilize a seat belt. He what food was in the process of receiving a medical test at Baptist Hospital where he was transported after the accident when he just up and left. He has not since been seen. This is very frustrating to police isn't where he was, the good news is he's gone and he cannot be located.
Lt. Carl Minden of Pulaski County Sheriff's Office said, "They (police) feel frustrated he left. Obviously it isn't something we can control. If someone is just not under arrest, and we go into a hospital, we're just not allowed to turn back there," explained Minden. "But, yeah, it's frustrating to find out that you knew where he was, and you just didn't have an arrest warrant for him during those times."
Apparently Lewis would be a 'person of interest' before he went along to the hospital, though the arrest warrant wasn't secured until later on that day. Police do feel that Lewis 'holds the keys' to finding the missing agent.
Lewis is recognized as extremely dangerous and information warning the general public not to approach him if he or she is seen. He has a comprehensive arrest record in three states and he or she is currently out on "supervised parole" until 2016, reports "Fox and Friends" continue to exist Monday morning. Lewis's face was cut and banged up inside accident, thus, making this one way to identify him today.
Beverly Carter attended show a home on Thursday when she didn't return, her husband, is not where she was going, attended the house and located his wife's car parked inside driveway. In the car was her purse and wallet without any sign of his wife. He also said the house was left wide open. Carl Carter said he knew then something was very wrong and he called the police.
In the early hours of Friday morning, at about 1 a.m., Carl Carter received three bizarre texts from his wife's mobile phone back to back. One said just 'Yes another said 'My phone's low. The battery's down, and I'll phone you whenever I get a transmission!' With the final text saying 'Oh, I'm out drinking with many friends.' Carl Carter said his wife just isn't a drinker and these sms did not seem like her whatsoever.
Police have asked people inside the area who own large parcels of land, wooded, fields and farmland, to walk their land and appearance it. They are motivated to report anything they find that probably have something to do with Beverly Carter's disappearance, like tire tracks in the rural area.
Carter was wearing a black sleeveless shirt and red shorts when she went missing. She is referred to as about five-feet-two-inches tall and weighing about 145-pounds with green eyes and blond hair. A Facebook page for the missing agent 'Find Beverly Carter' has become a lot of interest especially from other real estate agents stressing the dangers from the job and meeting audience alone in vacant properties.
While Beverly tell someone know where she was going and about what time to expect her return, apparently more needs to be done. One agent wrote in regards to the 'Buddy System' to pair track of another agent and visit showings of vacant properties together. That isn't always possible, wrote another Facebook commenter.
Beverly was showing a home at 14202 Old River Drive in Scott, Arkansas on Thursday evening and she never returned home.

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